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Tony Hawk's Underground (Xbox) Cheats & Tips

Your guide for cheat codes, tips, hacks and walkthroughs


CHEAT CODES | Cheat Codes

Go to the "Cheat Codes" option under the "Options" menu, and type in the following as codes:

Cheat Code Code
Low Gravity getitup
Perfect Manuals keepitsteady
Perfect rail balance letitslide
Show all FMV sequences digivid

CHEAT CODES | Hidden Cowboy Character

Go to "Create-A-Skater" and change the name to Big Tex.

CHEAT CODES | Various Bonuses

Complete all 129 goals to unlock Cool Specials, Kid Mode, Flame, Always Special, Perfect Skitch, and Rollerskates.

UNLOCKABLES | Gene Simmons

Beat Story Mode on Normal Difficulty.


Beat Story Mode on Beginner Difficulty.


Beat Story Mode on Sick Difficulty.

UNLOCKABLES | Pedestrians

Clear every gap in the game.

UNLOCKABLES | Hotter Than Hell level

Complete the last goal (Kill Eric's Best Line). 

UNLOCKABLES | Create-A-Deck Mode

Beat Slamma Jamma in Story Mode

UNLOCKABLES | Bails 1 FMV Sequence

Collect 3 secret tapes.

UNLOCKABLES | Bails 2 FMV Sequence

Collect 6 secret tapes.

UNLOCKABLES | Always Hard FMV Sequence

Collect 9 secret tapes.

UNLOCKABLES | Lost Footage FMV Sequence

Beat the game under Too Easy and Beginner difficulties.

UNLOCKABLES | Alternate Ending

Beat Story Mode twice or Beat Sick Mode.