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Xbox System (Xbox) Cheats & Tips

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CHEAT CODES | Reset the Parental Control Features

Go to Settings and highlight the Parental Control option.  Then, press X, Y, L, X as a passcode.

UNLOCKABLES | Find out the Name of Your Xbox

All Xbox's come with a name pre-given to it.  To find out what it is, while you are at the main menu of the Xbox Game, Halo, go to the Multiplayer Option.  Click on Split Screen, and continuing to move forward until you see the Enlisted Players Screen.  The name above the Xbox on the far left is your consoles name.

UNLOCKABLES | Change the Name of Your Xbox

Put Dead or Alive 3 into your Xbox.  Change the difficulty to easy in the option menu then begin Survival Mode.  You must beat the default score of one million points.  Choose a character with rapid punch combos to make this easier.  Go to the explosive containers and repeatedly knock them into the walls.  Once you get the one million or higher record, you will be able to input a name.  The name entered will then be the name of your Xbox.

CHEAT CODES | Watch Music FMVs

Play a music CD, and press Y, X to enlarge the image in front of you.

CHEAT CODES | Bonus FMV Sequence

Put in an audio CD, and stop it once it begins playing.  Press B, go to Copy, and press A.  "Select All" and press A.  Then, use copy to make a new soundtrack.  Type in <<EggsBox>> as a name. Then, select Done and press A.