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Chaos;Child (Xbox One) Cheats & Tips

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  • After All, You're Weak... (10 points): Made 20 mistakes while using a map trigger.
  • CG Complete (50 points): Saw all CG events.
  • Chaos Perfectionist (100 points): Completed Chaos;Child.
  • Good, but Disappointing (10 points): Saw the bad ending.
  • Negative Human Look (30 points): Saw all negative delusion triggers.
  • Please Note (30 points): Complete a map trigger without making a mistake.
  • Positive Human Look (30 points): Saw all positive delusion triggers.
  • Sounds Complete (50 points): Listened to all audio clips.
  • Surely the Wind is Blowing (10 points): A great wind blew.
  • Tips Complete (50 points): Read all tips.
  • Trigger of Delusion (10 points): Pulled the trigger of delusion without fear.
  • Ultimate Megalomania (50 points): Saw all delusion triggers.