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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - System Rift (Xbox One) Cheats & Tips

Your guide for cheat codes, tips, hacks and walkthroughs


  • We Are Human Beings (30 points): You completed Deus Ex: Mankind Divided on any difficulty.
  • Pacifist (90 points): You completed Deus Ex: Mankind Divided without killing a single soul. Bosses are people, too.
  • Foxiest of the Hounds (90 points): You triggered zero alarms during an entire playthrough.
  • I Never Asked For This (50 points): You completed Deus Ex: Mankind Divided on the highest possible difficulty. Hats off.
  • A Heated Combination (10 points): Enter a classic numerical code in the game's first keypad.
  • Ghost (15 points): Cross enemy territory like a ghost, raising no hostile reaction from anyone.
  • Singh No Swan Song (15 points): Have Singh's back when it matters most.
  • Between Technology and the Divine (20 points): Complete & win the debate with Talos Rucker.
  • Honor Holds Us All Together (20 points): You completed the debate with Otar Botkoveli.
  • God Killer (20 points): You completed the debate with Allison Stanek.
  • The Golden Rookery (10 points): Find the missing Gold Penguin and return him back to his colony.
  • Core Driller (15 points): Use the Ice Drill to bypass a large section of the GARM facility.
  • Time Traveler (15 points): You managed to bring Koller the Neuroplasticity Calibrator before he even asked you for it.
  • Tablet Collector (30 points): Collect and read every unique eBook.
  • Ruthless Efficiency (20 points): Fully upgrade a weapon of your choice.
  • Humanity + (20 points): Fully upgrade a branch of your Augmentation Tree.
  • And Embrace What You've Become (10 points): Install at least one experimental augmentation.
  • The Jack of All Augments (30 points): Invest in at least one augmentation in every branch of the Aug Tree.
  • The Invincible Body, Fighting an Iron Devil (10 points): Block an incoming enemy explosive with the Titan Shield.
  • Slow & Sharp (10 points): Land an Explosive Nanoblade Shot on three enemies at once while the Focus Augmentation is active.
  • This Is Great For Spring Cleaning (10 points): Use both Knockback & Precision functions of the P.E.P.S. Arm Cannon at least once.
  • Ramming Speed!! (10 points): Ram Dash into an enemy NPC with a fully charged Icarus Dash.
  • Express Elevator to Hell, Going Down (15 points): Land an Icarus Landing & Strike on foes and clear out the pack with the Typhoon. Just to make sure.
  • Invisible War (15 points): Incapacitate a cloaked enemy while still remaining cloaked yourself.
  • Ground Mail Was a Better Option (10 points): Flawlessly disable a Drone via Remote Hacking.
  • ****! Taser Fist! (10 points): Lock-On and deploy the Quad Arc upgrade of the Tesla Knuckle on four enemies at once.
  • I Can Only Fight Enemies I Can See (10 points): Complete one Hacking Challenge with Fog Security without using a Reveal Software.
  • All in the Family (15 points): You aided Otar when he sought help with a family matter.
  • Adept of the Metaverse (15 points): Engage in all Tutorials in Adam's first mission in Dubai.
  • Fresh Out of the Package (15 points): With Koller's help and the Neuroplasticity Calibrator, eliminate overclocking for experimental augs.
  • Data Disciple (15 points): Breach: Complete all servers in the Tier 1 Network.
  • Data Detective (15 points): Breach: Complete a Darknet file.
  • Data Expert (15 points): Breach: Complete all servers in the Tier 2 Network.
  • Data Master (15 points): Breach: Complete all servers in the Tier 3 Network.