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Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires (Xbox One) Cheats & Tips

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Unlock Events: A Skilled Assassin

While in Vegabond Unit, Finish the Assassinate The Ruler

Unlock Events: A Sworn Oath

Raise your friendship to A rank with any officer.

Unlock Events: A Trusted Guardian

While in Vegabond Unit, finish the Guard The Ruler

Unlock Events: Building a Nation

Use Raise Banner as a Vegabond Unit and win the battle.

Unlock Events: Burning Ambition

Start Empire Mode as a Free Officer

Unlock Events: Confessions

Raise your friendship to A Rank with the opposite gender. Confess them via "Special" or let them confess to you.

Unlock Events: Land of the Plenty

Construct 6 buildings or have a large portion of land under your control.

Unlock Events: Living in Exile

As a Marshel or Strategist, Rebel from your Ruler and fail the mission.

Unlock Events: Mountain Bandits

Finish the 5 quests each in Assassination, Infiltrate, Raid quest chain.

Unlock Events: On To The Final Battle

Invade the last area on the map that you don't control.

Unlock Events: Perfect Mercenaries

Finish the Rescue The City while in a Vegabond Unit

Unlock Events: Plots And Schemes

Win a battle as a Marshal or Strategist, Rebel from your Ruler

Unlock Events: Sacred Vows

From the opposite gender, accept the confession and say Yes when prompted to marry them.

Unlock Events: Succession

Accept the promotion to Ruler

Unlock Events: The Capitalist

Have 99,999 Gold as a Ruler.

Unlock Events: The Opportunist

While in Vegabond Unit, Finish the Infiltrate The Treasury

Unlock Events: The Warriors Peak

Finish the Slay The Vegabond Unit while having either Lu Bu,Zhang Liao,Xu Huang in your Vegabond Unit