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Jet Car Stunts (Xbox One) Cheats & Tips

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  • Bronze (50 points): Get a bronze medal.
  • Silver (50 points): Get a silver medal.
  • Gold (50 points): Get a gold medal.
  • Ghost buster (75 points): Beat your own ghost in a Time trial level where you already have a gold medal.
  • Without a scratch (75 points): Complete Platforming Hard A in less than 0:50:00 with no retries.
  • Easy does it (50 points): Beat the time 1:48:00 in Time trial Easy A.
  • Medium C (50 points): Beat the time 2:26:00 in Time trial Medium C.
  • Hard Times (100 points): Beat the time 4:25:00 in Time trial Hard B.
  • Time trial complete (100 points): Complete all Time Trial levels.
  • Platforming complete (100 points): Complete all Platforming levels.
  • Collector complete (100 points): Complete all Collector levels.
  • Nerves of steel (200 points): Complete Platforming Very Hard A without any retries.