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Layers of fear (Xbox One) Cheats & Tips

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  • It's covered up for a reason (25 points): Get working on your Magnum Opus.
  • Sketchbook of the damned (40 points): Uncover the developers' faces.
  • The artist's impression (25 points): Collect a rat sketch.
  • You might have a problem (50 points): Gather all drawings of rodents.
  • It rings a bell (25 points): Discover an echo from the past.
  • Whispers long forgotten (50 points): Recall every word you said.
  • Scraps of love (25 points): Find a memento of your family.
  • Immortalized in my heart (50 points): Gather all family mementos.
  • Finishing touch (50 points): Complete a painting.
  • Artist's struggle (25 points): Embrace death for the first time.
  • Inspired OCD (40 points): Search 100 drawers and cabinets.
  • Those eyes can pierce a man's soul (50 points): Marveled at the Furboy's portrait for a total of 5 minutes.
  • Wanderer (25 points): Take a thousand steps.