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Monkey Pirates (Xbox One) Cheats & Tips

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  • Challenge ruler (50 points): Earn at least one medal on each challenge.
  • Challenge master (150 points): Earn a gold medal in all 4 challenges.
  • So you like challenge ? (20 points): Win your first challenge medal.
  • Ship's boy (10 points): Play your first game.
  • A bunch of pirates (20 points): Play a game with each captain.
  • Sea sailor (50 points): Play a game on each map.
  • Try them all (50 points): Try every game mode.
  • Banana race master (150 points): Win 50 rounds of banana race Game mode.
  • Jolly roger master (150 points): Win 50 rounds of jolly roger Game mode.
  • Stand by the board master (150 points): Win 50 rounds of stand by the board game mode.
  • Seek and destroy (200 points): Destroy 1000 enemy ships.