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NBA Live 16 (Xbox One) Cheats & Tips

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  • One Small Step... (15 points): Complete a Game in NBA LIVE ULTIMATE TEAM.
  • Tactical Signing (15 points): Complete a Game with a SHORT TERM player in NBA LIVE Ultimate Team.
  • Top Men (30 points): Build an NBA LIVE Ultimate Team where all players have an OVR rating of 78 or over..
  • Building Blocks (30 points): Complete Level 1 of the GM List in NBA LIVE ULTIMATE TEAM.
  • Task Master (60 points): Complete Level 2 of the GM List in NBA LIVE ULTIMATE TEAM.
  • The Highest Form of Flattery (30 points): Reconstruct Any NBA Team in NBA LIVE ULTIMATE Team.
  • 50 for 50 (70 points): Complete 50 Fantasy Challenge games in NBA LIVE Ultimate Team.
  • Get Connected (15 points): Play an Online Head to Head Game.
  • Call the News (15 points): Make a trade for a player that is over 90 overall in Dynasty.
  • Proven Winner (90 points): Win a Championship in Dynasty or Rising Star.
  • Mr. Popularity (15 points): Make the All-Star Team in Rising Star Mode.
  • Best in the League (30 points): Win the MVP in Rising Star Mode.
  • We are LIVE (20 points): Complete a Big Moment challenge within 24hrs of it being posted.
  • Big Money (30 points): Earn a Total Challenge Score of at least 4000.
  • Yoink! (15 points): Get a steal out of a successful double team.
  • Hypnotized (15 points): Size up an opponent one on one and then drive to score.
  • Ya Gotta be Coachable (15 points): Successfully execute a recommended play that ends in a score.
  • Gotta hand it to you (15 points): Complete 5 handoff passes in a single game.
  • No No No (30 points): Block a Dunk.
  • A little help from your friends (30 points): Use pick and roll that leads to a score.
  • Buckets (30 points): Have at least one player shoot 100% from behind the arc (min 10 attempts).
  • Oop There it is (30 points): Complete 3 Alley-oops in a game.
  • Centurion (100 points): Have at least one player score 100 points.
  • Fundamentalist (20 points): Complete a Drill in NBA LIVE Learn Live.
  • Beginner's Luck (15 points): Win a Summer Circuit game at any Venue.
  • Domination (30 points): Earn 3-Stars in a Summer Circuit game at any venue.
  • My House (30 points): Earn 3-Stars in every game at any Summer Circuit venue.
  • Taking Over (70 points): Earn 3-Stars in every game at any 5 Summer Circuit venues.
  • #RiseTogether (20 points): Win a LIVE Run game..
  • Tha HoopGawd? (10 points): Create your NBA LIVE 16 Player.
  • Substance (15 points): Change your player's Jump Shot.
  • Style (15 points): Purchase an item in the Create a Player Store.
  • Tha HoopGawd. (30 points): Obtain an 85 or higher OVR rating for your Created Player.