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R.B.I. Baseball 15 (Xbox One) Cheats & Tips

Your guide for cheat codes, tips, hacks and walkthroughs


  • Punchout (15 points): Strike Out the CPU.
  • Couch Play (15 points): Play a local multiplayer game.
  • Salami (60 points): Hit a Grand Slam (Against CPU or Online Smart Match Only).
  • Thievery (15 points): Steal a base (Against CPU or Online Smart Match Only).
  • Online Ownage (50 points): Win 50 online Multiplayer games.
  • Take a Seat (60 points): Strike out the side against the CPU.
  • Classic Win (45 points): Win a complete game in 16-man roster against the CPU (1 Pitcher).
  • R.B.I. Master (150 points): Hit 1000 RBIs.
  • Speed Merchant (45 points): Steal 25 bases in online Smart Match.
  • Home Run Flurry (20 points): Hit 3 Home Runs in a single inning in an online Smart Match..
  • In Your Crawl Space (45 points): Mercy Rule an opponent in an online Smart Match.
  • Tater Time (15 points): Hit a home run (Against CPU or Online Smart Match Only).
  • Walk Off (30 points): Hit a Walk-Off Home run (Against CPU or Online Smart Match Only).
  • Grand Tour (30 points): Play a game in all 30 Stadiums.
  • Clean Sweep (45 points): Sweep the Postseason (either mode).
  • World Champs (200 points): Win the World Series in Season Mode.
  • R.B.I. Skills (100 points): Hit 50 RBIs with the same player in a Season.
  • Midsummer Classic (45 points): Win an All-Star Game in Season Mode.