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Rebel Galaxy (Xbox One) Cheats & Tips

Your guide for cheat codes, tips, hacks and walkthroughs

Event Trader Guide

Click here for an event trader guide.

Tips/Hints: Beginner Strategies

At the start of the game, buy defensive upgrades first. Also, don't be afraid to buy equipment to try it and just sell it used for no loss if it isn't a good fit for your gameplay.

Hacks: Boost to Maps

If you are unable to warp because of nearby objects, try opening and closing you map, then starting a warp and quickly activating your map again. This will normally allow you to warp (unless planets are nearby).

Tips/Hints: Improved Scanning

Right before you go into a scan, pulse first and it will highlight objects and make it easier to identify mineable resources.

Tips/Hints: Easy Credits

BUYING: Korian Siege Stations don't have much to sell, but they'll sell at discounts over 75%. SELLING: Militia Embargo Stations typically have a shortage and will buy items above market value. STEALING: Treasure vessels are often sent out from any Station with an achaeological finding, and hijacking this cargo can yield very high values of credits.

Turret Strategy: Fire On Locked Targets Only

If the turret requires ammo, set it to only fire on locked targets to avoid wasting ammo.

Tips/Hints: Using Flak

When a missile locks on you, hit the brakes first and deploy the flak. If you’re moving too fast the flak will not detonate at the right time.

Unlock Achievement/Trophy:

A New Friend: Woke Trell

A Pirate's Life: Pirate a merchant

All Trophies Collected: All Trophies Collected

Antimatter Speck: Find an Antimatter Speck

Bounty Hunter: Collect 10 bounties

Capital Breaker: Destroy 100 Capital-Class craft

Capital Smasher: Destroy 1,000 Capital-Class craft

Card-Carrying Member: Join the Merchant's Guild

Cold Hard Cash: Reach a Net Worth of 5 Million Credits

Deadeye: Destroy 2,500 Fighter-Class craft

Destroyer: Purchase a Destroyer-class ship

Done and Dusted: Complete the main campaign

Dreadnaught: Purchase a Dreadnaught-class ship

Feared Bounty Hunter: Collect 100 bounties

Filthy Lucre: Reach a Net Worth of 50 Million Credits

Good Samaritan: Rescue 20 merchants

Gozu: Find the Face of Gozu

Hardcore Hacker: Hack 10 transponders successfully

Jumper: Jump out of the first solar system

Membership Has Its Privileges: Join the Mercenaries' Guild

Miner 49'er: Mine 50 asteroids using a Fault Tracker

Old Hand: Reach rank 5 in any Guild

On The Go: Trade with a Merchant while in flight

Pirate Hunter: Kill 1 Pirate Lord

Pirate Killer: Kill 20 Pirate Lord

Progenitor Shard: Find a Progenitor Shard

Salvage Job: Salvage 50 Containers

Side Jobs: Complete 50 missions from the mission board

Siege Breaker: Break 10 blockades

Siege Buster: Break 1 blockade

Skull and Crossbones: Become neutral to pirate factions

Some Muscle: Hire a mercenary

Sure Shot: Destroy 250 Fighter-Class craft

Sweet New Ride: Purchase a new ship

The Brass: Become friendly to the Militia

Torpedo Buster: Shoot down 500 torpedoes

Tractor Pull: Collect 200 objects with a tractor beam

Under The Table: Successfully bribe a Militia official