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Terraria (Xbox One) Cheats & Tips

Your guide for cheat codes, tips, hacks and walkthroughs

Hacks/Glitches: Receive Random Items from Piggy Bank

Construct a piggy bank and add cash and any other items to it. Save your game and restart. Check the piggy bank and you'll find random items have replaced what you put in originally.

Hacks/Glitches: Unlimited Money/Chests

Place a chest (with an object in it) on top of an activation block and connect the activation block using wires to make it disappear. When you hit the chest more chests will appear.

Tips: Finding Crystal Hearts

Unfortunately, there's no real good strategy for finding crystal hearts. They tend to spawn in natural caverns, so stock up on torches and go spelunking in large caves, checking block walls frequently.

Tips/Hints: Return to Spawn Point

You can exit the game at any time and then re-enter to return to your previous spawn point.

Tips/Hints: Base Location

Build your base by the original spawn point to minimize the time spent trying to locate it.

Tips/Hints: Use Torches

Given the length of life for torches, bring plenty and use them often to help with exploring.

Tips/Hints: Prepping for Bosses

Have Bowl of Soup before a battle. Also use potions for Gravitation, Ironskin, Regenerations, and Swiftness before the start of a fight. Once in a fight, use the Obsidian Shield to combat knockback, rehealing potions to stay alive, and equip Rocket Boots and Wings for an advantage.

Tips/Hints: Defeating the Final Boss (The Wall)

First: stay back. You want to stay far enough way to avoid attacks, but not so far that The Wall will pull you back. Focus first on killing The Hungry through melee or exploding weapons. Then, attack the eyes and mouth. To dodge the laser attacks, just jump.