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Turok: Rage Wars (N64) Cheats & Tips

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Walkthrough Guide

Click here for our walkthrough guide.

Cheat menu

While you are at the title screen, press Z to display the cheat menu. Accumulate 2000 fragments total with all the characters to unlock all the cheats in the menu. To unlock all the options quickly, build a saved game with a character that has over 500 fragments. Copy that character into the three other slots on the controller pack. Then, load all four of these cloned players to the game. All cheats will now be available in the menu since the combined fragment count will be over 2000.

Bonus multi-player characters

Beat single player trial mode with Turok to unlock another character in single player trial mode. Each time that this is done, another character will also be unlocked in the multi-player mode.


You can get medals in multi-player mode by simply setting a fragment limit and winning that match. You also get four medals in single player trial mode by defeating Bastille, Syra, Simbiont and Tal Set.