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Unlock Legendary Dark Night Mode

Beat Hard Mode.

Unlock Hard Mode

Beat the game once.

Unlock Easy Mode

Beat Missions 1, 2, or 3 with at least one continue.

Unlock Group Photo

Beat the game with a ranking of S.

Unlock Dante Must Die Mode

Beat the Legendary Dark Night Mode.

Unlock Super Dante Mode

Beat Dante Must Die Mode.

Game Shark Codes

Full Version Codes
Must Be On EC8783C0 1446A6EC
Infinite Health Dante 1C84A688 15F6E79D
1C84A68C 1456E7A5
Demo Codes
Must Be On EC8783C0 1446A6EC
Infinite Health 4CD98ECA 1456E4FD
Infinite Magic 4CD9925A 1456E67D
Max Red Orbs 0CFC3934 1456E7A6
4CFC3934 1456E404
Master All Moves 4CFC3926 145630A5
Acid Mode 4CFC2F96 1456E7A6

Game Ending

After defeating Mundus with the help of Trish, they embrace and Trish cries.  Dante states that devil's never cry, therefore she is human.  The ceiling than caves in and the plane from early in the game lands on the floor.  After flying it through caves to safty, the island explodes.  Dante states that the evil will be back someday.  Trish states that it doesn't matter because they will stop them again.

The game cuts back to where it started.  However, the "Devil May Cry" store is now called "Devil Never Cry".  They get a phone call and go to kill the monsters in 5 minutes.